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Let's do this thing together

Do you let your limitations speak louder than your strengths?

​Are you exhausted and sick of surviving, not thriving?

Do you know deep down that you were born with purpose and wish you knew what that purpose was?

Are you ready to kick that health issue in the butt?

​Are you dreaming of a life filled with joy and abundance?

Are you ready to wake up feeling good about yourself and your life?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then my transformational Life Coaching is for you.

Life Coaching

Let's have a call and focus you on moving forward today! 

Each session will be customized depending upon what you need at the time of the call.   Some things are just better together. 

I got you!

Here are the deets:

  • You'll come to the session with an bjective as to what you want to walk away with.  During this 60 minute coaching call, we'll work together to get you clear, peaceful and excited about taking the action to shift your mindset, habits and life.

  • I'll send you an email or text with Action Steps, "homework" and/or helpful resources after each session to keep you on track.



Looking for guidance to help you plan or make a big decision in your life? Need help finding an answer to a situation you're facing?

As an Energy Healer, Coach and Believer in God as our source of all healing, I will share with you the spiritual guidance for "your" path at this exact time.  I'll identify blocks that may be preventing you from feeling whole and complete and outline areas where you need to take action to step into the life designed only for you.


Whether you're facing a life changing event,  can't make that decision you know you need to make, or  want to attract vibrant health, abundance, or inner peace, Spiritual Guidance is a great kick starter.

My clients report feeling relief, clarity, joy,  and big "aha" moments after a Spiritual Guidance session.

True and lasting healing comes from within.  I'm here to help you tap into your God-given power to face every day decisions and future challenges head-on.


* Via Phone or FaceTime

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Coaching testimonials

"I never imagined that with only a few sessions so far of coaching that my entire life's focus could shift into such a positive direction"


Alexandra, P. London.

​"Beth is such a natural healer in both her reiki and coaching. She's approachable, highly in tune, and has a genuine intention to help heal. . . experiences have been quite profound for me, leaving me feeling in alignment, energized, and ready to approach my own spiritual/emotional/physical healing path with love and gratitude."

Nicole, B. Foxborough, MA.

"Beth's coaching is far above what I ever expected! Her assistance and attention to detail with several personal and professional projects, made them the absolute best! Her "no excuses" mantra has helped me in every aspect of my life"

David, C. Boston, MA.

"Beth was so helpful in coaching me in a spiritual guidance session. She helped me to define what my negative beliefs are and then we rewrote what the positive versions of those were, specific to my life. They have been helping so much as I read them every day."

Emily, S. Brighton, MA.

not sure which experience

is the right fit?

Let's figure out the best option for you based on your needs. Contact me for a free consultation.

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