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Energetic Self-Care Practices

1. "I AM"

- Anything followed by “I AM” is your creation. You create with your words which
includes your thoughts and the things you speak out loud about yourself and your life.


- Start every day by declaring who you want to BE that day/what you want your day to
look like. For example: I AM powerful, courageous, joyful, fun, abundant, victorious,
blessed and so on.

- It is the most helpful to have your “I AM” statements speak the exact opposite of any
negative feelings or thoughts you may be having. For example: If you are feeling
weak, your statement should declare "I AM strong and powerful."

- Say your "I AM” statements all throughout the day, every day. Say them every time a
negative feeling or thought shows up. When you do this you are speaking God’s
TRUTH over your life. You are aligning with the Divine and in agreement with spiritual
truth. This allows you to be in the flow of what God wants for your life – all good


- This routine balances out all of your energy systems, helps you to feel grounded, safe and
free from anxiety. Arrange for child, pet, and plant care; communicate needs and

- Do this routine every morning. Once you watch the video for about a week you will most
likely be able to remember it on your own. Don’t worry about getting it perfect.

- If you don’t have time or can’t remember the whole routine, DO WHAT YOU CAN. Even a
few of the steps will make a difference.

- Don’t forget the ZIP UP! This is an important piece to keep you protected from negative

- You can do the whole routine or pieces of it any time during the day when you feel off
balance or know you are headed into a difficult situation.


- Epsom salts are a great way to energetically DETOX your body and mind. Epsom Salts
are the sensitive person’s BFF!

- Since Epsom salts work trans-dermally, a foot soak works just fine and it often a lot more
convenient. When you have time or feel you need an extra detox boost, take a full bath or
book yourself a FLOAT at a local float tank.


- Soak for 20-30 minutes as needed. During an illness or particularly stressful time, feel free
to soak daily. Otherwise 1-3 times weekly is fine.



- If you’re an energetically sensitive person who picks up other people’s energy, get yourself
some Black Tourmaline which is known for its ability to transmute and cleanse energy.
Smokey Quartz is also great as it neutralizes energy, is grounding and centering and is
known for absorbing and transmuting electromagnetic radiation (all those cell phones,
laptops and devices). The combination of Black Tourmaline & Smokey Quartz is a powerful
protector and healer.


- Wear it daily! I personally love bracelets but you can get pendants or rings as well. Of
course if you prefer, feel free to buy the crystal and pop it in your pocket daily. I just find
that’s not always a convenient option. I like the quality of Shaman Sisters but there are lots
of places you can buy crystals. Here’s their link:


- Remember, you’re an energetic being and as a result, are affected by energy. Depending
upon your make-up, that may feel pretty yucky at times. If you work in the medical field,
are a therapist, or any sort of healer working in any capacity “helping” people, you’re
exposed to all sorts of low vibration energy so get yourself some crystals!


- EFT also known as Tapping is a clinically proven technique to remove negative
patterns of thinking and physical symptoms from your body. You can tap on
virtually any emotion, symptom or long term health condition (including
addictions) simply by tapping on 8 meridian points. Do it anytime you’re facing a
challenging situation or feeling symptoms you don’t want to be feeling.

- There are lots of people out there offering tapping and you can even find yourself
a mental health therapist who specializes in this technique. However, the results
can be just as profound if you do it on your own.

- My personal favorite practitioner is Nick Ortner of The Tapping Solution. Check
out his website at or download the App
TheTappingSolution. You can also go to YouTube and search for a specific
tapping video (for example, tapping for anxiety, guilt, stress, insomnia, etc.).

Blue Sky
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