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Everything is energy, love

Do you want...


Guidance around life direction or a specific challenging circumstance in your life? 


Assistance around a specific health challenge you're facing?

To find relief for that stress, anxiety, and depression and feel grounded again?


Or are you totally lost and have no idea what you want/need? 


We will do this together!

what is Reiki

and how does it work?

What does a reiki session with beth look like?

My Reiki and Reiki Plus (Reiki+) sessions are unique but based on traditional Usui Reiki.


I will help you get in tune with your energetic body so that you can start feeling better emotionally and physically. I also provide a space to "talk it out" and discuss practical tools and strategies to help you maintain peace and balance in your everyday life. 

​Your session will be an experience unique to you based on your current state of being and your healing objectives. Over the course of my 20+ years as a Reiki Master healer, I have had the pleasure of witnessing clients experience deep relaxation, emotional release, pain reduction/elimination, expanded clarity, feelings of peace and bliss, and healing of physical discomfort. Trust the process and know that your session will be exactly what you need at exactly the right time.​​

The source of healing is within you, and I'm here to help you re-connect to that source.

As of June 2023, I am seeing limited Reiki clients in my home in Boston by personal appointment only. 

You will not be able to book this online.  Please call or text me to discuss and schedule. 


60 minute straight Reiki sessions are available at $125

90 minute Reiki+ Plus sessions are available at $200

What others are saying

"Beth is a wonderful person with amazing insight.   have had many Reiki sessions with Beth over the years & have always come away with much peace & a new outlook on life."

Jeanette T., Franklin


"I've gone to two reiki sessions so far and they have been incredible. Not only do I physically feel better after by having a sense of calmness and comfort  but she gives such powerful advice and makes statements that have really changed the way I view things. I can't give her enough praise"

Dena Q., Glastonbury, CT

"Beth’s reiki session is amazing! It was the best gift I could have given to my self and my spirit. Her healing touch, spunky spirit, kindness and warmth provided me with a sense of peace, love and tranquility that had all of the daily pressures, negative thoughts and concerns just melt away. I left feeling rejuvenated, at peace and one with the spirit! It was MAGICAL!”

Heidi, Hopkinton, MA

“In one session Beth was able to relieve me of a stressful pain in my wrist and arm and her insights to my current situation gave me new enthusiasm for the future.”

Chris, Cape Cod

"…she treated me as if I was the most important thing in her world.  She was a master at listening and understanding what was being said rather than merely how, and as she was a Reiki master as well, she had the most wonderful touch of anyone I knew. She needed only to lay her hands on you and direct the flow of energy. Her touch was warm and tingling, and it stimulated the natural healing process."

David, Franklin

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