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Work with me

I provide a variety of holistic, alternative and complementary therapies including Transformational Life Coaching, Reiki, and Emotional Freedom Release (Tapping) all of which may work well with or in place of your current healing path.

You don't have to do the work alone.


Transformational life coaching designed to shift you out of the negative thoughts, blocks, and patterns and into the life you know and deserve!


An ancient Japanese energy therapy used to balance the body’s energy (KI) to support the healing process.


Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique is a type of psychological acupressure used to reduce stress and create balance in the body. 



A 1-hour Zoom session including the perfect combination of Reiki, EFT, Coaching and/or Spiritual Guidance based on your needs.


Do you need a 20 min check in? Someone to connect with you? See where you are at? Cleanse out old energy to make room for new energy? 

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