Release that stagnant energy

Are you seeking...


An alternative treatment for that nagging emotional or physical pain?

To restore balance and a sense of calm?


A way to open up those energetic "blocks" so you can feel good and start living life with more vitality and energy?

what is EFT

and how does it work?

How is eft/tapping performed?

First, we will identify and address the issue(s) you're looking to heal and resolve. We will focus on one issue at a time if there is more than one.

Prior to the exercise, we will work together to help you accept both yourself and the issue at hand. I will then establish a tapping sequence based on the issue's level of intensity.

After your session, you will leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. My clients report feeling relaxed, at ease, and notice a level of reduced pain.

Based on the severity of the symptom or issue, more than one session may be necessary. We will assess your needs and results during the first session.

Let's get you back into alignment.

EFT sessions are $125 for 60 minutes

Available in person at  my Brookline office or virtually via ZOOM

you deserve to feel amazing

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