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Hey You! What Has Brought You Joy Today?

What has brought you joy today?⁣⁣ There's got to be something!


Sipping a cup of coffee on the porch in the morning? A walk on the beach? Quality time with your pet or loved one? A really good chapter from that new book you’re reading?⁣⁣


It’s so easy to lose sight of the happy & peaceful moments in our every day. Little lulls in our day where time sort of just stands still. We all have those moments. It’s just that sometimes we don’t pay attention to them or give them the weight they deserve.⁣⁣


Oftentimes we give more power to thoughts of worry, stress, and fear, but that’s because we’ve programmed our minds to do that over time. It’s a type of reinforcement.⁣⁣


Switch up that narrative in your mind. Because that’s where it all starts - the mind. How much time do you find yourself stuck in your mind? What thoughts/energy are you feeding your mind?⁣⁣


Recognize and be mindful of these patterns. Choose to operate from a place of love, peace, and gratitude. When we are in this state only more good can come from it. 💫⁣⁣

Lots of love,



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