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"It Is What It Is"

So many of us struggle with surrendering to WHAT IS. But the more we resist, the more we suffer actually.

You may not feel comfortable where you are right here right now, but the moment you accept that it just “is what it is” and that it doesn’t mean anything about your future or who you are as a person, is the moment you will be freed from your suffering.

The thing is, acceptance helps you let go of whatever your mind is holding onto.

Maybe you’re holding onto what you WANT the present to look like or what you THINK your life should be like at this time. Whatever it may be, you are missing out on your life… right now.

Once you surrender to whatever the situation may be and accept it for what it is, your mind has the space to welcome in all the good things the Present has to offer you. The things you may have lost sight of. Whether that be the beautiful sun shining outside, the fresh air, or that person in your life who loves you unconditionally.

You don’t have to resist. You don’t have to suffer.

The more you’re at peace with what is, the more the present moment becomes your present. You breathe in life again. You feel uplifted. Things roll off your shoulders more. You become stronger mentally.

With this kind of mindset, your future starts to emerge. It gets you out of that wishing and wanting headspace and things naturally start falling into place.

Magic begins to happen.

Pro Tip: If you are feeling low today and are desperately wanting things to be different, make a CHOICE to accept WHAT IS. And embrace acceptance as if your are saying “I trust you” to God and the Universe. You may not know the plan for your life, but you trust it. You trust that things are happening for your good or your learning, or both. You trust the timing. You trust that things will get better.

I’m here to guide you so you can start LIVING life vibrantly. Contact me for more info!


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