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Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there.”⁣

It’s a strange time right now, and I know we’re all dreaming about being on the other side of this thing already...💗⁣⁣

But it’s important to find little moments of peace and gratitude throughout our day to keep our inner world happy and calm.⁣

Dealing with a lot of racing, intrusive thoughts? Repeat this mantra with me:⁣

🌟 “I am releasing what doesn’t serve me right now. At this moment, right here and right now, all is well. A warm, peaceful energy fills me with each and every breath I take.” 🌟⁣

Repeat that 3 times whenever you feel stuck in a negative or fearful headspace. As you repeat it, literally VISUALIZE inhaling warm light into your soul. And physically FEEL the warmth and happiness it brings you. ☀️⁣

Through quiet repetition and visualization, we give our minds a tangible item to focus on. The point is not to fight the negative/intrusive thoughts, but rather put more focus on the positive ones. The more you flood your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations, the more you train your mind to operate at a higher vibrational frequency.⁣

Your presence holds power. And though it may not seem like it, there is so much light that surrounds you if just look around. 💫⁣

✨REMINDER!✨ All of my services are available online if you’re looking for extra energetic healing, guidance, and support.⁣

Much love to you all 💕


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