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Strengthening Your Intuition

I believe we’re all intuitive. We all have the power to listen to that little voice in our head or that “gut feeling” that’s telling us to do/not to do something. ⁣⁣


I also believe that connecting to your intuition is like strengthening a muscle - you have to work at it every day and do exercises to improve your connection to it.

I’ve found that when I live in alignment I can connect to my intuition much more easily than when I’m doing things that I know aren’t good for me or aligned with my core beliefs. For example, I can feel, think, receive downloads, and make the “right” decisions much more easily when I’m doing things that uplift and nourish my soul. ⁣⁣


My life has radically changed since I decided to listen to and follow those “pings” from my intuition. ⁣⁣


You can start to strengthen your intuition by just following the little voice inside your head on a daily basis. For example, if you feel like you should take a yoga class instead of go for a run, act on that feeling. ⁣⁣


If you have a hard time connecting to it, you can strengthen your intuition through:⁣



🔹Visualization ⁣



🔹Journaling ⁣⁣

🔹Spending time in nature⁣

🔹Doing/surrounding yourself with things that raise your vibration rather than lower it ⁣⁣


We all have the answers that we’re looking for inside of us. So if you’re “feeling” like you should start a new career path, break up with a significant other, or move to a new city...TRUST that gut feeling. ⁣⁣


It’ll never let you down. 🤍⁣

Have a beautiful day loves!!



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