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The Illusion of Separation

Hate will never drive out hate. Only love can do that.⁣

See beyond the stories of division. The illusion of separation only creates more suffering.⁣

During these times, ask yourself these questions:⁣

How can I transmute my anger into passion and purpose while helping others

How can I transmute my sadness into compassion and empathy?⁣

How can I transmute my fear into excitement for what is possible when we come together in unity and love?⁣

As this world rises, falls, and shifts…⁣

Remember to breathe. Set your phone down for a while if you need to. Return to presence. Return to this very moment. Return to yourself. Be tender to yourself. Because when we take a step back and take a moment to settle our minds and fill our hearts with love and care, we can better care for and help others.⁣

Remain anchored in love.⁣

We will only create a peaceful, loving planet by creating peace and love within ourselves.⁣

Embody what you wish to see in the world. Your energetic frequency is stronger than you think. 💓


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