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The Masks We Wear

Sometimes it doesn’t feel safe to take your mask off.

And the truth is we have been wearing them all along even pre-Covid.

But doesn’t it feel so freeing to take them off?

I believe this pandemic is causing us to be aware of the masks we put on to get through life.

Are you becoming more aware of the masks that you put on to protect yourself from people’s opinions of you? 😷

Let’s make this weird season of life count by observing our masks and deciding to take off the ones that no longer serve us.

What if you just got REAL with yourself and the people in your life and let them see who you really are and what you’re really feeling.

There’s freedom and healing once the mask is off.

And it’s okay not to be perfect and not to be okay. People truly will love and accept you on a deeper level when you take off your masks and just be real!

I love you, now go out there and be your awesome self even with all your ugly.




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