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When you trust, you then ALLOW 💫

I trust that my powerful intentions combined with my faith are enough to allow my vision to become a reality.⁣

And the same goes for you. Because you are the manifestor of your life.⁣


In the morning when you wake up and again before you go to bed, spend some time setting your intention for what you want your reality to look like. Get specific. Then close your eyes, take a few long deep breaths, and VISUALIZE it for a few minutes as if you stepped into that reality. And while you’re visualizing it, FEEL it as if it’s already happening.⁣

But for the rest of the day...⁣

✨ let it go and let it flow ✨⁣

Don’t think about it anymore. Don’t obsess about the outcome. Don’t stay attached to it because then you cause resistance, and resistance pushes whatever it is that you want to manifest further away from you.⁣

Just trust.⁣

When you TRUST you then ALLOW. You allow God/the universe/source to have your back and work magic 💫


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