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You are just the right amount of YOU...

In all my relationships, I would rather be accused of being “too much" than not enough.

Because you know what...

Too much says I gave it my all, I put my soul into it, I didn’t hold back. I was true to myself, I lived out loud, I was vulnerable and so much more.

So if that’s “too much” for you, I’m probably not for you.

But here’s one thing I know for sure, I AM FOR ME.

So yes, although in this life I’ve been told I’m too honest, too outspoken, too disciplined, too focused, too sensitive, too hopeful, too demanding, too loud, too goofy, too out there, and yes, too much, I’ll take that all as a compliment!

Whatever you do in life, be the opposite of “not enough”. Be authentically you girl and be good with THAT! ✨

Much love!



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