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You Are Not Your Anxiety

You are not your anxiety.

​You’re just out of alignment, love.

​If you’re struggling with anxiety, it may feel like you have completely lost your identity. As if some stranger took it over and now you are so far removed from your “old self” and that little intuitive voice that used to guide you. So much so, that you’re no longer recognizable in the mirror.

Anxiety comes in many shapes and sizes. There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to mental health.

For some, anxiety is the restless nights of sleep with a mind that doesn’t want to shut off. The over-thinking about all of your worst fears and things that could go wrong.  The dreaded "what ifs".

Anxiety is being in a state of sensory overload where your eyes feel like they can’t take in anymore light and where everything is too loud, all while your heart is beating out of your chest and it’s hard to take even one breath.

Anxiety is feeling “fake” and not grounded in your own body, or feeling so detached from the world. Everything may feel dreamy and not like it used to, including yourself.

Anxiety is the constant self-doubt and lack of confidence both in yourself and those around you, leading you to do things like be indecisive or over-apologize for things that don’t require an “I’m sorry.” The self-doubt that holds us back from unapologetically OWNING it.

But we’re not here to define and pick apart every aspect of anxiety. We would literally be here for days, but also, there’s just no need to dwell on the symptoms. They’re all caused by the same thing, so now we just have to move forward.

Listen, I’ve been there. And I’m here to tell you – don’t be afraid. You have not lost yourself. The old YOU is still there, just out of balance.

Believe it or not, experiencing anxiety is your body’s way of protecting itself from threatening situations. This physiological fight or flight response is our sympathetic nervous system’s primitive, automatic response that prepares the body to "fight" or "flee" when it feels in danger. It’s actually trying to help you survive. Like a form of self-preservation, even though it feels like the complete opposite in that moment.

But how does the body get into this state of fear and panic in the first place? It starts with being out of alignment with your true self, your soul, your Truth. This then makes us feel unsettled, and thus, anxious.

Maybe you have self-limiting beliefs about what you’re capable of and are stuck in that job that you have zero passion for, but you’re doing it because you feel there is no alternative.

Maybe you have been surrounded by toxic friends your whole life who always tend to look on the negative side of things and don’t support you.

Maybe you’ve been a people-pleaser and have a hard time saying no to others.

Maybe you have been feeding yourself a diet that isn't nourishing enough for your gut and your mind.

There are be so many reasons why you may be out of alignment, but I’m here to help you restore it so you can get closer to your Truth and start living your full potential.

Ask yourself this: Is my external reality matching up with what I desire? Do I feel stuck?

Things are not meant to be hard. When we are in alignment, life is just… easier.

Your work, your relationships – they become far less complicated and way more fulfilling. You feel connected to things outside of yourself. You no longer feel isolated. You attract the right people and opportunities to your life. Money flows to you without having to hustle so hard all the time. You have the energy, stamina, and confidence to put yourself out there. You feel clear and motivated when it comes to discovering and pursuing your dreams. Your nervous system cools down a bit and your anxiety starts to go away.

When you are in alignment, you get to experience happiness. You are in a natural state of flow. You feel clear rather than confused. Your hear your intuition loud and clear. You are connected to the blueprint in your soul that makes it easier to make decisions in life.

You get to be who you were called here to be.

You’re not meant to struggle and suffer. Somewhere along the way your mind and body just had a little too much and got thrown off balance.

After all, you weren’t born anxious.

Say it with me. “I am not my anxiety.”

For more information about my Fun, Fearless Female anti-anxiety program, head over here.


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